Dear PS1 blog reader,

We are writing you because you have had a significant impact on PS1 in the past year, whether by donating your time, your effort, your art, your presence, or simply your unfailing support. No matter what it has been, we would not be where we are today without you, which is why we are approaching you (as a member of our tight-knit yet extended community) to humbly request a donation of art, objects, services, etc. for our fundraising auction in January.

We will be accepting items by mail 805 E. Washington St. (c/o Eric Asboe) until Jan 15th (or so) and in person at Public Space One, Jan 17-21 from 10 AM-2PM each day. Like last year, we will be working out a deal with a local frame shop to offer a discount for auction winners, so framing your artwork before donating it to us is not necessary. All participants will be promoted through the PS1 website and also receive a postcard of the show signifying their presence in it and support for our cause.

Whether you are able to donate anything at this time, we hope you will consider coming to the auction and the events surrounding it Jan 21-28. Also, donating your time throughout the coming year to any PS1 endeavor is an equally honorable gesture and we always welcome more people getting involved in our space and the arts community.

Thank you for your help in the past. We look forward to working with you again in the future. And in case you were worried about your hard work being auctioned for a fancy beach vacation, we will be sending along information about how the fundraiser money was spent in the past year, and what we plan to do with it this year, soon.

Any further questions can be directed to


Come warm up and spread the cheer with F@S Gingerbread Town. We will have all the supplies. You bring your architecture dreams and snowy spirits.

Sunday, December 12
805 E. Washington St.
-+-+-+-+-+Note: This event is not at PS1+-+-+-+-+-

For those who want a winter town:

and those who still wish it was summer








Come help build a Gingerbread Town.


December 2, 2010

Right now we have a great, but quick exhibition in our space by Seashia Vang, Brendan Wells, and Peter Tomka (see last post). This Saturday (Dec 4) the closing reception will take place from 7-9 PM with a special performance piece by Seashia Vang at 8:30.

Next week we have a Tuesday evening performance in the space. Local artist Tyler Luetkehans presents an experience of the 5th Dimension in our performance space. This event starts at 7 PM on the 7th.

We will have a quick turn around and get into our December show with Iowa native (now a Brooklyn based artist) Kristi Sword. Kristi donated a piece of work to our fundraiser last January and we liked it so much we asked her to do a show. She will be on hand for the opening of her exhibition “Time Sensitive Materials” on Friday, December 10th from 5:30-7:30. Please stop by and support this visiting artist.

Kristi Sword, survey reflection, 6" x 6", painters tape, copper dust, 2010


Closing reception on Saturday, Dec. 4, from 7-9 pm.
A performance at 8:30 pm.

Art by:
Brendan Wells – “Records, Rubber Bands, and a Sheet”
BFA and Honors show from a graduating Intermedia student. Displaying the three latest releases of conceptual 7″s on Brendan Records, plus two sculptures.

Seashia Vang – “Ethnographic Entertainment: The Performance of Identity.”
Graduating X credits short of a BFA in Printmaking but having a show anyway. Showing prints, videos, and a multimedia performance piece at 8:30.

Peter Tomka – “10 mas 4”
Spanish language student displaying polaroid photos documenting a year’s experiences, including earthquakes, in Chile.

Art up all week at Public Space One starting this Monday

Gallery Hours:
Mon 10-2 PM
Tues 6-8 PM
Thu 9-11 AM
Sat 2-4 PM
or by appointment:

“Unexploded ordnance (or UXOs) are explosive weapons that did not explode when they were employed and still pose a risk of detonation, potentially many decades after they were used or discarded.” -wikipedia

“Blood, guts, sex & danger, I wanna be an airborne ranger…”

Jesse Albrecht presents an installation with bronze, combat paper prints and castings, ceramics, photographs, drawings, and found objects that weave together a personal story of war and peace.  In his words: “The First and Second World Wars and Vietnam invited me to Iraq. Going to war is the easy part, the coming home is hard.  The military was my religion corrupted by civilian politicians and I struggle to reconcile the the war experience and my choice to leave the military.”

November SOUP

November 6, 2010

This month’s SOUP is upon us already. Join us tomorrow night for soup, great conversation, and, of course, giving away some money. Bring $10 to cover the grant and food.

November 7
1023 E. Bloomington St.
-+-+-+ Not at PS1+-+-+-

That’s right, Caleb Gentry’s closing reception is tomorrow night OCT 29 at PS1, 5-7 PM

Free Jack O’ Lanterns

October 21, 2010

Free Art School is extending is social programming to embrace the spirit of the season. We will be carving pumpkins at

913 E. Jefferson St.

Iowa City, IA


Saturday OCT 23rd


4:30 – 6:30 PM

Kids (and real kids) of all ages are welcome. Pumpkins for carving (and butternut squash soup for eating) will be provided for all who attend. Any questions (concerning this event and a limited variety of other topics) can be addressed to whoever answers the phone code: 319-331-8893. Or there is this fb thing.

Should be a fascinating festival featuring all sorts of people making amazing things. Some of the participants (to name a few): Robert Todd & Lori Felker, Flint Jamison, Hinemoana Baker, Ofir Touche Gafla, Gonzalo Garces, Anja Kampmann, H.M. Naqvi, Senior Center TV, Shapenote Singers, Rawaan Alkhatib, Stephen Crompton, Florina Titz & Craig Webster, Kendra Greene, Chelsea Cox, Chad Hines, India, Angela Stewart, Kit Bryant, Eric Asboe, Allison Welch, Erin Smith, A Literal Letter Service, Tanner Smith, David Dunlap, Joe Bookman, Joh Kirk, Nelle Dunlap & The Wherehouse, Katie Hargrave, Sam Knutson, Victoria Messina, Gillian Adler, Lem Torrevillas, Laurel Fantauzzo, Josh Eklow, D. Jesse Damazo, Hannah Frank, Jacob Blecher, Matthew Klane, Colby Somerville, Naqeeb Stevens, Adam Roberts, Global Express & Maggie Conroy, Wind Farm, Josh Unikel, Dan Faltesek, Sudden Brick Works, Maia Melton, Caleb Gentry, and (finally) Les Dames du Burlesque.

The Daily Iowan talked about it here.

October SOUP

September 30, 2010

These first few days of fall have left us hungry for soup, and our empty pockets have left us hungry for cash. Fortunately, there will be both at October’s SOUP. Come for soup, conversation, and, of course, microgrants.

Sunday, October 3rd, 7pm
805 E. Washington St.

++–++–++ Note: This event is not at PS1 ++–++–++

Details about what SOUP is and how you can make money by coming can be found at

September SOUP

September 3, 2010

Did that bully at camp take all of your canteen money?
Did the gas on your road trip cost more than you had budgeted?
Do you just need some extra cash for the fall?

After taking the summer off, we are back with more SOUP, more good times, and more microgrants. Join us for soup on the grill, great conversation, and money being given away.

Sunday, September 5th, 7pm
805 E. Washington St.

++–++–++ Note: This event is not at PS1 ++–++–++

Details about what SOUP is and how you can make money by coming can be found at

And don’t forget about all of the other great things happening at PS1 tonight.

We Need You

September 1, 2010

Public Space One is looking for artists for the Spring Exhibition Series, and we want you!

Submit a proposal (less than 400 words) for how you would use the space and how you see yourself fitting into PS1. Think particularly about how you would work within our goal of utilizing the whole space over an extended period of time in a variety of ways. See About and Apply for  details.

Feel free to visit the gallery to see the space and discuss any ideas you have during gallery hours, Saturday 2-4 and Tuesday 6-8.

We will accept proposals until Friday, September 10th, and announce the SES soon after. We look forward to hearing all of your great ideas.

Join us this Friday for the opening of our September exhibition. Peter Happel Christian & Phillip Lewis will kick the evening off at 4pm with an informal gallery talk (see ACasualConversation… link below). Following this will be the opening of their exhibit collaborative project Clear As Day: Water Vision, which will run until 7 pm.


Tired & Unkept

August 18, 2010

This Friday we will kick off the beginning of our 2010-2011 exhibition schedule with our Summer Residents show. Jesse Demazo and Brendan Wells have the August show which opens August 6th at 7PM. The show will run throughout the month with a closing reception the last week of August.


As you may have deduced from the sparseness of our blog postings, we have been reluctant to write. This is because we have been putting our energy towards our new website which is nearing “launch.” Come September this old blog will be old news and our online presence will be a bit more stylish.

Thanks as always for paying attention.


June 29, 2010

SOUP will not be held in July. Please join us August 1st for more soup and more microgrants.


June 1, 2010

Even though the summer is fully upon us, we are still having SOUP.  Submit a proposal to then come to share, talk, and, most importantly, eat.  Bring something to grill.

Sunday 06 June, 7pm
827 E. Market St. #2 (out back, inside in case of rain)

-_-_-_–_ Please note this event is not at PS1 _–_-_-_-

Details at

May 28, 2010



















Thursday • 6:30 PM

F@S: Space Ship One

May 13, 2010

Space Ship One calling Mission Control.
Space Ship One calling Mission Control.

Space Ship One, this is Mission Control.  We read you loud and clear.

We are ready for launch.  All we need now are astronauts.


Come join the crew of Space Ship One (in the retrofitted Public Space One) from 1-3pm on Saturday.  We will be making robots and spacesuits and visiting space stations and dancing and eating space cakes and parading.  There will even be audio and visuals by Iowa City’s own Space Camp.  All ages encouraged on this journey to the stars and beyond.


Don’t forget the Summer Residency proposal submission deadline is tomorrow.

Deadline extended

May 9, 2010

The deadline for Summer Residency applications has been pushed back to Friday, May 14, so keep thinking of what you need and how we can make it happen.  Whatever it is, we want to help.

More information is here ( and, as always, feel free to send questions and comments to

May 7th – 28th • Opening May 7th 6:30-8 PM

Also May 7th: Bake Sale Benefit & Silent Auction at The Painting Building (109 River St)


A group show curated by Michael Behle: Humanilliation @ The BS Gallery


April 30, 2010

With new spring activities leaving our pockets a little lean, we can all use some cash for the summer.
Submit a proposal by Sunday afternoon to and come for more soup, more talk, and more giving.

Sunday, 02 May, 7pm
517 S. Dodge St. #2 (upstairs)

<<<?>???>< Note:  This event is not at PS1 ><¿¿¿<¿>>>

Details at

Be sure to check out our new Summer Residency information too.

Omer Abdallah

Tuesday evening from 6-8 PM, Omer will be playing traditional afro-arab music while guests are treated to a locally-provided middle-eastern cuisine. Please join us for this casual version of F@S at PS1 Tuesday evening.

And Thursday: Katie Parry leads us in how to make Victorian Nature Specimens using found, recycled, and natural materials. April 29th, 5-7 PM, (please bring a mason jar or pasta jar with lid or two)

The Mystery of Al Capone's Vaults

Join us at 7PM this Friday evening for a reenactment of Geraldo’s 1986 prime time blockbuster, The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults. Josh Eklow is Geraldo Rivera. Come down to the basement of the Drake Hotel (the Jefferson Building), and discover what lies in this newly discovered hollow space, discover the Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults.

Also: Katie McGowan and Amy Bernhard present Forgotten Files, a reading of files/ideas/notes to self/project ideas and other documents never to have seen the light of day.

2 F@S sessions in one day?  Not possible?  Yes, it is, and it is happening Sunday, April 11th.  Join us for:

1. F@S :  Clean Up – 5-7pm
F@S is doing its part for Earth Month.  Meet at PS1 to clean up the trash that the long winter and strong winds have blown all over our city.

Then stick around for:

2. F@S : 5Ps (Pre-Paintallica Precautionary Painting Party) – 7pm
Back at PS1, to get ready for Paintallica next week (more details soon), we will be painting and creating our own work to contribute to the happenings.  Supplies provided.



and also…

Stay tuned for information about pancakes and how to get some.

April SOUP

April 3, 2010

Do you need a little money to help with your latest project?
Submit a proposal by Sunday afternoon to and join us for good soup, good talk, and good giving.

Sunday, 04 April, 7pm
913 E. Jefferson St.

*+-+**+-+* Note:  This event is not at PS1 *+-+**+-+*

Details at


And in our new exhibition space
, the PS1 Slant gallery, a multichannel, video installation:

Isaac Sullivan Iconoclasm

… AND TO ROUND OUT THE NIGHT, PLEASE JOIN US DOWN THE STREET AT THE BS GALLERY (220 W. Benton) for Lori Gilbert & Nathan Haenlein’s Off the Meds at 8 PM:

The closing of Jill Kambs show Rhetoric of Love will take place Friday evening at 6 PM. The event is sandwiched between Angela Regas Like Life show at the Kendall Gallery in the IMU (get all the cheese you can handle at the closing reception, 4-6 PM) and The Seagull Society’s monthly storytelling series back at PS1 (@7:30; this month’s theme Reality Check).

SO to recap:

4-6 Go eat cheese and see Angela Regas photographs at the IMU

6-7:30 Come to PS1 for more snacks and Jill Kambs closing

7:30-9 Put your name in a hat and tell a story for Seagull

9 PM (if you’re still hankering for more…) The Way You Feel About Horses Is the Way I Feel About You Anthology  is happening at Bluebird Diner (330 E. Market St.)


Amy Butcher

Dobby Gibson

Jeff Nagy

Mel Nichols

Taryn Schwilling

Rod Smith

India Sophia Stewart

Michael Thomas Taren