October 15, 2008

Hello All-

While progress recently has felt difficult, we are taking PSone baby steps. 

We’ve been in talks with Big Car Gallery in Indianapolis, IN about working on an exchange show!

While we are still working on the details and dates I am confident this show will be realized.

Here is a description of the concept, in its ‘Art Hospital‘, Bloomington, IN <-exchange-> ‘Big Car’, Indianapolis, IN form:

Outside/In stops in Bloomington

Oct. 24: Opening of Big Car Collective “Outside/In: Bloomington” show at the Art Hospital, 102 W. Allen St. Bloomington, 7-10 p.m. Free.

The exhibition is part of the Big Car Collective’s ongoing project to visit other cities and towns and create shows about these places from our outside perspective. Outside/In is about discovery, spontaneity and the importance of perspective and place. For this exhibition, we are focusing much of our work on the south-Bloomington neighborhood surrounding the Art Hospital location.

Participants in the show at Art Hospital include: Anna Rae Landsman, John Clark, Shauta Marsh, Anne Laker, Jim Walker, Matt Hale, Matt Hall, Todd Bracik Tre Reising, Jeremy Efroymson, Erin K. Drew, Mark Miller, Robert Meko. Work will include photography, painting, video, collage, installation, poetry and audio.


Feel free to contact me, (caleb), if you are interested in being apart of the “Iowa City Team” that will visit Big Car (Indianapolis) to create a show with our eyes (lens).



October 7, 2008

This site is currently under construction, but feel free to look around and come back. Thanks for being here. Spread the word about PSOne, come meet us at an event, or yell at us if you see us on the street. Peace.


For now…

Enjoy this Iowa County Map:


This video: