Some Changes

March 31, 2009

You may have noticed the site has changed a bit, to represent Public Space ONE ‘at large’ and not just the gallery. ALSO: We have added tab, ‘The Wall Space’, this space ( large wall  in the performance room and wall space in entry)  will host mostly local artists!

A Bit Of NEWS:

Firstly, we our third gallery opening is this Friday. I’ve heard talks of giant strawmen. John will be in the space all week working on his installation…


Saturday April 25th not only will there be a great show in the performance space: Azita  w/Wrekmeister Harmonies

BUT – We also are hosting a group of artists from Big Car Collective – Indianapolis, IN  here in Iowa City that night! As a part of a gallery exchange with PSONE. Come Saturday night at 7PM to get a preview of the installation and meet/talk with the artists. There will probably be food and drinks as well. Then check out the show.

A photo from an old Big Car show:



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