Meet our guests!

April 29, 2009

This Friday May 1st should turn out to be a great night at psONE.
Big Car Collective – Outside/In: This Show’s About You

Opening Reception: From 7-9pm

Let me introduce you:

Cindy Hinant


Cindy Hinant is a mixed media visual artist living in Indianapolis, Indiana whose work explores themes of nostalgia, distance and romance.  She received BFAs in Sculpture and Ceramics from Herron School of Art and Design, Indianapolis.  Her work has been shown at universities and cultural centers across the United States including the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art; The Drawing Room of Portland, Maine; The 930 Gallery in Louisville, Kentucky and the Athens Institute of Contemporary Art, Georgia. For more info:

Tré Reising


Tré Reising grew up in Columbus Indiana playing on a majestic indoor playground filled with bulbous red and blue forms, Astroturf hills and stainless steel trim.  His art making practice is influenced by his experience playing on this functional work of art.  Reising’s last show studied paintings relationship to sculpture in an effort to disintegrate his own notions of what separates the two.  He receives his BFA in sculpture from Herron School of Art and Design in May.

Todd Bracik


  • How long have you been creating art? I have been creating art off and on all my life but I really picked it up in college when I met a girl who inspired me to work creatively.   
    (You don’t have to share the girl part only if you think it helps.) 
  • What got you involved and interested? “They were just going to throw this away!” is a common phrase I have repeated over the years.  I have always been fascinated by how things work.  My collecting of objects is a search for understanding; possibly a searching for my palce? 


  • Ø What is your main inspiration or is there a theme or obsession with your work?  I like to collect objects that are weathered worn bent or broken. I focus on their shape form and potential to combine with other objects. Sometimes a sculpture comes together right off and other times it takes days. For more info:

 Jim Walker


Jim Walker works in photography, video, collage, installation and audio. He’s the founder of the Big Car Collective and lead curator at Big Car gallery and heads up the Outside/In project.

Walker’s video and audio work with the collective were featured in On Procession, a 2008 show at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. He has shown collage, photography and video in many group shows in Indiana. He most recently took part in a two-man show at Uncle Freddy’s Gallery in Highland, Indiana and had a solo video/audio installation at the Harrison Center for the Arts in Indianapolis in Indianapolis. For more images:

Anna Rae Landsman


my name is anna rae landsman,  i was born in chicago illinois at a hospital that no longer exists.  currently i am limited to my gallery exhibitions to the Midwest of the USA.  
Based on the histories provided and/or that I have sought out, I have come to the conclusion that the history of art as a whole has certainly referred to its immediate environment.  However, within the contemporary frame (at the least) we have watched the majority of art that is chosen to be recorded (and this doesn’t even approach the inquiry of what is there that is not recorded as art) be both made for artists or those that can read the language of art and presented in an elitist framework.  With that being said, I am currently trying to forgive that by making “art” (and I put it in that category loosely) that is responsive to the environment and outside of that intimidating framework of prerequisite intellectualism.  For more info:

Jeremy Efroymson


Jeremy Efroymson received his BA in Film and Video Studies from the University of Michigan in 1990 and his MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia College Chicago in 1996.  He works primarily in photography, installation, and found object sculpture.

My work centers around finding beauty in familiar, everyday objects.  I travel frequently and always try to have my camera with me.  In between taking shots of my family and children, I am often struck by the beauty of an object or landscape.
My background in writing makes me particularly aware of the text in signs and the strange and ironic wordings that sometimes occur. There’s something about the bright colors, terseness, and directness that appeals to my visual and intellectual senses.
I often photograph signs and sculpture which have been given a new and richer meaning through their context in the real world.  As the objects become weathered from exposure to the elements, they distance themselves from their manufactured past and become part of the environment.   My work deals with the boundaries between the man-made and the natural environment.


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