Public Space One is pleased to take part in Iowa City Underground, the November 6th basement art gallery excursion. The evening will kick off at 6PM at Arts Iowa City (102 E. College St) with Understanding the Understood, new configurations of old information by Eric Asboe & John Engelbrecht. At 7PM, some kind of psychic, magic tunnel will open and we will take it to PS1 for Sean Alexander’s, Back to the World, a selection of new drawings from this Washington-(state)-based artist. Around 9 (give or take) the excursion will drift westward into the newly fashioned Benton Street Gallery (The BS Gallery: 220 W. Benton St), where the evenings festivities will climax in a belated celebration of Dia de los Muertos. Hope to see you along the way and as always, more information to follow…


Coming Soon

October 20, 2009

keep on

November looks great… The beginning of the month will bring on an onslaught of north-westerners, beginning with Sean Alexander (from Washington, image above) who will open his month-long exhibition in our space on Nov. 6th. There are a couple reasons I can think of to come check him and his work out: 1. he’s nice & 2. it’s good. His reception on Nov. 6th at psOne will be part of the as yet untitled “basement gallery train” (followed gatherings at Arts Iowa City & The BS Gallery), so plan on a full evening out (more details to come)… and a few short days later Mt. Eerie, Tara Jane O’Neil, and No Kids will play a show in our space ($5, 9pm, Nov. 9th) which promises to be mind-expanding to say the least.

That’s right! It’s time for installment #2 in our M0+# series, this month’s prompt is: Terror (and special admiration will be bestowed upon the teller who comes up with the funniest story related, however remotely, to this theme.) And again, a dollar or two donation, can get you a cold soda and a special M0+# print.

While you’re down in the space check out the gallery. The oO0O0Oo Show rolls on in its ever morphing state and has been a beautiful thing to watch unfold. I will have a slide show of its multiple states up soon. The oO0O0Oo Show welcomes Fulbright scholar and Life of Discovery artist Anne E Wilson who has installed a piece from her series “Flowers not Food” in our space (see below).

Thanks for keeping up with us & hope everyone enjoys the stories tonight!

Anne Wilson installing a piece in psOne from her project "Flowers not Food"

Anne E Wilson installing a piece in psOne from her project "Flowers not Food"

Parade Parading Paraded

October 12, 2009

Gathering the troops

Gathering the troops

Circling the building

Circling the building

Hitting our stride

Hitting our stride

Closing shots

Closing shots



Morning:   Dropping off of Aquariums

1:00-2:00   Gathering of Personnel

2:00-3:00   Parade of sorts at Studio Arts

3:00-5:00   Free Art School : Letter-writing at psOne

Hereafter:   Homecoming

The M0+# : Terror

The Appeal

October 6, 2009

A resident of Poetic Village steps out of line. The AOO appeals for further investigation. We aspire to craft a better object. Communication continues outside the village. We ask for reflection or come join us in the wilderness.

We had a wonderful WiP weekend at psOne. The event was successful in so many ways but most importantly to us, it did a wonderful job of mixing up and bringing together the many cross-disciplined artists, writers, and performers in our city. We would like to thank Andrew Peterson and Richard Wiebe for putting it together and energizing our space with its spirit. We will be using its manifestation as inspiration for future events. We were thankful to be able to hold its gathering masses on both Friday & Saturday night and pleased we could provide such a flexible, accommodating  space.  There is documentation of the various events on the WiP website and we have our own documentation that will be in the form of a .pdf on its way soon.

The WiP was also the perfect event to kick off our AOO (pronounced: eh-ooooo meaning Artists of the Occupation) show and in conjunction with that we will be offering Free Art School through this week with the culmination being at 5PM on Friday, October 9th, our theme is Homecoming in the traditional sense of the term. We will have more details soon.

Oh… there is so much more. I will pause for now, though. If you haven’t joined our mailing list you can do so and received more elaborate updates right in your inbox. Just send us an email at:

Like I wrote on youtube: Adam Roberts’ Poetic Village is now open. Stake your claim at Public Space One. Word con, de, & ob struction now through Sunday (Oct. 4th, 2009) as part of the WiP and October’s AOO (Artist’s of the Occupation).


The first week of occupation is work-in-progress, piggy-backing off the WiP festival, and setting the scene for a month of everchanging exhibition featuring Occupation Artists: Bounnak Thammavong, Aruttapol Ruangkanjanases, Inae Choi, Lana Carriere, Travis Holle, Qiaochu Zhang, Hayley Richardson, Sadie Smith, Christine Koch, Julie Schafer, Emily Dunlay, David Dunlap, Younghee Yim, Josh Black, Angela Dieffenbach, Max Hanner, Hannah Weinman, and Ellen Zev Siebers. And for the opening and duration of the WiP festival: Adam Roberts and his piece “Poetic Village.”

The opening reception will take place in a narrow time slot 7-7:30 on Friday evening (Oct.2) between WiP panels, and we are okay with this because there will be an event each week for the Artists of the Occupation. Next week (Oct. 9th) they will gather early in our space (5ish) in preparations for Homecoming. And again, more info is on the way…