The October Occupation Opening Tomorrow

October 1, 2009


The first week of occupation is work-in-progress, piggy-backing off the WiP festival, and setting the scene for a month of everchanging exhibition featuring Occupation Artists: Bounnak Thammavong, Aruttapol Ruangkanjanases, Inae Choi, Lana Carriere, Travis Holle, Qiaochu Zhang, Hayley Richardson, Sadie Smith, Christine Koch, Julie Schafer, Emily Dunlay, David Dunlap, Younghee Yim, Josh Black, Angela Dieffenbach, Max Hanner, Hannah Weinman, and Ellen Zev Siebers. And for the opening and duration of the WiP festival: Adam Roberts and his piece “Poetic Village.”

The opening reception will take place in a narrow time slot 7-7:30 on Friday evening (Oct.2) between WiP panels, and we are okay with this because there will be an event each week for the Artists of the Occupation. Next week (Oct. 9th) they will gather early in our space (5ish) in preparations for Homecoming. And again, more info is on the way…


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