Summon The Faithful to Meet in The Ether

October 2, 2009

Like I wrote on youtube: Adam Roberts’ Poetic Village is now open. Stake your claim at Public Space One. Word con, de, & ob struction now through Sunday (Oct. 4th, 2009) as part of the WiP and October’s AOO (Artist’s of the Occupation).


One Response to “Summon The Faithful to Meet in The Ether”

  1. David Dunlap said

    Hi Adam, it’s me, a part, a part of the embodied poem, and, Dear Adam, I am wondering what happened to that beautiful sign hanging in the entrance ? We are hoping that you will let it live on with us this next month. We are also hoping that we can get that sign that we paid our customary 2-dollar bill collection fee. Is that sign with you ? We would like to return it to our collection.
    Thank you Adam. Thank you for putting that tiny poem in a box held by you on Younghee’s tiny chair in his tiny room.

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