WiP wrap-up; Occupation continues only now it is called oO0o0o0Oo (with an indefinte amount of Os)

October 5, 2009

We had a wonderful WiP weekend at psOne. The event was successful in so many ways but most importantly to us, it did a wonderful job of mixing up and bringing together the many cross-disciplined artists, writers, and performers in our city. We would like to thank Andrew Peterson and Richard Wiebe for putting it together and energizing our space with its spirit. We will be using its manifestation as inspiration for future events. We were thankful to be able to hold its gathering masses on both Friday & Saturday night and pleased we could provide such a flexible, accommodating  space.  There is documentation of the various events on the WiP website and we have our own documentation that will be in the form of a .pdf on its way soon.

The WiP was also the perfect event to kick off our AOO (pronounced: eh-ooooo meaning Artists of the Occupation) show and in conjunction with that we will be offering Free Art School through this week with the culmination being at 5PM on Friday, October 9th, our theme is Homecoming in the traditional sense of the term. We will have more details soon.

Oh… there is so much more. I will pause for now, though. If you haven’t joined our mailing list you can do so and received more elaborate updates right in your inbox. Just send us an email at: pspaceone@gmail.com.


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