The Appeal

October 6, 2009

A resident of Poetic Village steps out of line. The AOO appeals for further investigation. We aspire to craft a better object. Communication continues outside the village. We ask for reflection or come join us in the wilderness.


6 Responses to “The Appeal”

  1. David Dunlap said

    David Dunlap feels a little sheepish having used the wrong tense in this moment of reflection. Sheepish, I move forward I have the Courge to MISSPELL.

  2. Adam said

    David! Drawing Class!

    Many apologies on behalf of the greater community for this (unreflective) piece of vandalism.

    It makes me sad as well—

    (Something like this is quite different, I think, than the “vandalism” of the 10 foot wooden ball—-)

  3. sean alexnander said

    i love it. very funny and interesting post.

  4. emily dunaly said

    it’s so funny, though my work was “ruined” by this act of vandalism it’s nice to know that my work is somehow getting around…

    I found this told while randomly on facebook

    hahahaa he must have been at PS1 and saw it laying around still. though the meaning of this has totally changed now, it still interests me that people find is at least engaging enough to post random profile pictures of it on the internet.

    haha crazy stuff.

    • emliy dunlay said

      apparently i can not spell my own name today and can’t type

      “i found this today while randomly on facebook…”

      lol must have a case of the “fridays” if there is such a thing

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