This Friday, December 4th will see the continuation of Iowa City Underground as all three basement galleries are hosting exhibition openings. PS1 will be showing the work of Mariah Dekkenga (image below) beginning at 7:00 and host an anthology reading at 8:30. Arts Iowa City is hosting a group show organized by Katie Parry and The Benton Street Gallery will be welcoming a month of work by Youngsoon Chon. More info soon.


a photo illustration documenting the continued presence of our October O O O Show:The Mona Lisa


Tonight! November 6th at 7pm! Back to the World, an exhibition of new drawings from Sean Alexander opens at psOne! The show will be on display through November but tonight (from 7-9) Sean joins us in introducing his work to the discerning art-going public of Iowa City. Check out the Daily Iowan article here.

This show is the heart of Iowa City Underground (the basement gallery art walk that’s happening this evening, where have you been?) and is really a beautiful thing. But that’s just my opinion. Come check it out for yourself.

Here is the rest of the Underground info:

1st Stop (6-8 pm): 103 E. College St. (basement of old Savings and Loan Bldg): Understanding the Understood: Eric Asboe & John Engelbrecht: multimedia (yeah!) & letter service

2nd Stop (7-9): 129 E. Washington St. (basement of Jefferson Bldg): Back to the World: Sean Alexander: exquisite drawings

3rd stop (9-11): 220 W. Benton St. (basement of Caleb E, Chris R, & Josh Bs): Dia de los Muertos: offerings & celebration