PS1 Gallery Fundraiser • January 15th – 29th

January 9, 2010

The gallery is filled (is still filling) with donated artwork from national (a few international) and local artists who have all donated work for the greater good of PS1. This fundraiser is in celebration of one year in our space (one year of art exhibitions that were all put together with volunteer sweat) with the goal of  sustaining the gallery for the year(s) to come. The art we have for sale is reasonably priced and 100% proceeds go directly to the gallery. More significantly: It represents a good cross-section of the artists who have supported us in the past year (both by showing in our space and attending our events); in short, it is artwork to and for ps1 and is of its substance. We are presenting it to you, offering it, in its state of nakedness (striped of frames, matts, and even (gasp) context), by necessity but also by priority. We’ve worked out deals with local frame shops and can offer discounts on sprucing it up (clothing it) after purchase. We hope you can make it to the gallery in the last couple weeks of January (we are increasing our availability and hours and will be open on a daily basis) to check out the work and buy a piece in support of our efforts and our future.


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