January 28, 2010


Friday, January 29th, is a big night at Public Space One in downtown Iowa City. Please join us for a multitude of events.

We will begin the evening at 6 PM with a conversation about Art & Labor. This event is open to the public (as all our events are, hence our name) and is the follow-up/culmination of the Temporary Services Art Work show in the Porch Gallery at Studio Arts. We have invited local individuals and organizations to create new dialogues and actions surrounding the current economic and cultural climate. We are gathering forces (if you will) to propel future thought, amass commonalities, and work for a stronger, more sustainable art scene. If you would like to join this conversation and have a say in how artists and cultural thinkers are treated in our city, please come prepared to speak and engage with others. Like I said, this conversation begins at 6 PM and will be driven by you.

At 7 PM we will transition into a more casual atmosphere with the fundraiser closing reception. The fundraiser has been run silent auction style over the past two weeks and thanks to volunteers we have been open daily 4-6 PM (and will continue to be through Friday night (bidding ends at 8:30 PM)). The money raised through the silent auction will go directly towards increasing what we can offer as a gallery and as a working and performance space. Again, let me remind you of our name and extend this invitation: anyone with a little bit of extra time and energy who wants to get involved with PS1 (in any capacity)- well, we would love to hear from you. We are beginning some new events in the next couple weeks and would love more people to join us. Come to the fundraiser, see the community around us, and approach us with your ideas (or send us an email Through this fundraiser (and a recently awarded grant) we have a few resources beyond just our sweat. We hope to make something special and believe that starts with working with creative, energetic folks such as you.

And if that wasn’t enough, at 9PM the Anthology non-fiction reading series continues. It’s the ARRANGE YOUR FACE Anthology featuring:

Jeremy Behreandt
Miles Fuller
A. Kendra Greene
Leslie Jamison
Erika Jo Brown
Janet Schlapkohl
Jenny Zhang

That is just a bit of what’s happening this Friday night at Public Space One. Thank you for your attention, your support, and keeping up with us. And a special thanks to the artists who donated work to support our space and future endeavors.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS & ORGANIZATIONS (links to artists can be found through Fundraiser in header)

Jon Johnson

Christina Quarles

Eileen Starr Moderbacher

Jill Baker

Katherine Parker Bryden

Nicole Donnelly

Patrick Reed

Aurora De Armendi

James Kelly

Andrea Biller Collins

Mary Laube

Debra Drexler

Youngsoon Chon

Sean Alexander

Caleb Engstrom

Katie Hargrave

Kathranne Knight

Christopher Reno

Zach Stenson

Genevieve Lawrence

Mariah Dekkenga

Kim Piotrowski

Travis Head

Douglas Degges

Pete Schulte

Michael Perrone

Gary Webb

Paul White

Katie Parry

R.C. Sayer

Kate Markham

Kristi Sword

Jaanika Peerna

Jon Gurley

Shawn Skabelund

David Horvitz

Guillermo Martin Bermejo

Julie Schafer

Eric Asboe

Jason Renaud

Christian Mortenson

John Engelbrecht

David Dunlap

Lindsey Beal

Dana Haugaard

Allison Welch

A Literal Letter Service

SUDDEN Brick Works

Ben Franklin

Claim to Frame

Bread Garden Market


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  1. Hey, I got one of Eric’s A Literal Letter Service letters the other day and believe they’re fantastic!!!! They come in really special envelopes on beautifully hand typed paper, and you just know that Eric has put a lot of effort into writing the letter!!! Everyone needs an ALLS letter – I’m keeping mine for anytime I need a quick pick me up!!!

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