First Friday February: Keith Varadi

January 30, 2010

Next Friday night Keith Varadi joins us from Richmond, VA to open his month-long exhibit, Cloak Wheel. The opening reception is at 6PM (with a meeting of Like Minds* to happen before hand at 5:30). Following the reception at PS1, please join us on our short excursion over the icy, Iowa River to our sister space, The BS Gallery (220 W. Benton St.). At BS: the opening of an exhibition by Josh Black and Jesse Weiss as well as a video compilation screening curated by Caleb Engstrom titled On Snow (and for good reason). There will be fire and drinks as well. Please join us.

*The meeting of Like Minds is a continuation of the dialogue that started this weekend at ps1 surrounding the local cultural community/economy, the Art Work conversation. It is not really called Like Minds, but I had to call it something if I am to talk about it. But, whatever it’s called, we are gathering forces before the reception, again, please join us.


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