And in our new exhibition space
, the PS1 Slant gallery, a multichannel, video installation:

Isaac Sullivan Iconoclasm

… AND TO ROUND OUT THE NIGHT, PLEASE JOIN US DOWN THE STREET AT THE BS GALLERY (220 W. Benton) for Lori Gilbert & Nathan Haenlein’s Off the Meds at 8 PM:


The closing of Jill Kambs show Rhetoric of Love will take place Friday evening at 6 PM. The event is sandwiched between Angela Regas Like Life show at the Kendall Gallery in the IMU (get all the cheese you can handle at the closing reception, 4-6 PM) and The Seagull Society’s monthly storytelling series back at PS1 (@7:30; this month’s theme Reality Check).

SO to recap:

4-6 Go eat cheese and see Angela Regas photographs at the IMU

6-7:30 Come to PS1 for more snacks and Jill Kambs closing

7:30-9 Put your name in a hat and tell a story for Seagull

9 PM (if you’re still hankering for more…) The Way You Feel About Horses Is the Way I Feel About You Anthology  is happening at Bluebird Diner (330 E. Market St.)


Amy Butcher

Dobby Gibson

Jeff Nagy

Mel Nichols

Taryn Schwilling

Rod Smith

India Sophia Stewart

Michael Thomas Taren

More art, same space

March 10, 2010

This month, in addition to Jill Kambs in the main gallery, we have displaced artist Emily Barwick presenting Stations of Her Undoing in the front room.

There will be a closing Wednesday, March 24th, 6:30-8 pm.

Look for more artists in the same space in the coming months.

In preparation for our upcoming Nashville jaunt, we will hold two supply-gathering, collaboration/planning sessions this week at Public Space One. The first is tomorrow night (Tues @ 7 PM) and the second Thursday night (same place same time). We are collecting ephemera, designing a program, and generally preparing for Open Lot (now 1 week away). Everyone is welcome in any capacity.

March S O U P

March 6, 2010

**** Note: This event is not at Public Space One ****

March 7th, 7PM • 827 E. Market St. #2

Submit a proposal, bring $5, have dinner, vote. More info here.

Jill Kambs’ Exhibition Rhetoric of Love opens at 7 PM Friday, March 5th. The exhibition runs through the month of March. The opening reception will be followed by several activities: 1) at PS1 the Anthology reading series starts at 8:30, and/or 2) at the BS Gallery (220 W. Benton) there is Exoskeleton, an installation by Laura Collins and Natalie Smith. So pick your poison (but remember, it all starts here at PS1).