April 30, 2010

With new spring activities leaving our pockets a little lean, we can all use some cash for the summer.
Submit a proposal by Sunday afternoon to and come for more soup, more talk, and more giving.

Sunday, 02 May, 7pm
517 S. Dodge St. #2 (upstairs)

<<<?>???>< Note:  This event is not at PS1 ><¿¿¿<¿>>>

Details at

Be sure to check out our new Summer Residency information too.


Omer Abdallah

Tuesday evening from 6-8 PM, Omer will be playing traditional afro-arab music while guests are treated to a locally-provided middle-eastern cuisine. Please join us for this casual version of F@S at PS1 Tuesday evening.

And Thursday: Katie Parry leads us in how to make Victorian Nature Specimens using found, recycled, and natural materials. April 29th, 5-7 PM, (please bring a mason jar or pasta jar with lid or two)

The Mystery of Al Capone's Vaults

Join us at 7PM this Friday evening for a reenactment of Geraldo’s 1986 prime time blockbuster, The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults. Josh Eklow is Geraldo Rivera. Come down to the basement of the Drake Hotel (the Jefferson Building), and discover what lies in this newly discovered hollow space, discover the Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults.

Also: Katie McGowan and Amy Bernhard present Forgotten Files, a reading of files/ideas/notes to self/project ideas and other documents never to have seen the light of day.

2 F@S sessions in one day?  Not possible?  Yes, it is, and it is happening Sunday, April 11th.  Join us for:

1. F@S :  Clean Up – 5-7pm
F@S is doing its part for Earth Month.  Meet at PS1 to clean up the trash that the long winter and strong winds have blown all over our city.

Then stick around for:

2. F@S : 5Ps (Pre-Paintallica Precautionary Painting Party) – 7pm
Back at PS1, to get ready for Paintallica next week (more details soon), we will be painting and creating our own work to contribute to the happenings.  Supplies provided.



and also…

Stay tuned for information about pancakes and how to get some.

April SOUP

April 3, 2010

Do you need a little money to help with your latest project?
Submit a proposal by Sunday afternoon to and join us for good soup, good talk, and good giving.

Sunday, 04 April, 7pm
913 E. Jefferson St.

*+-+**+-+* Note:  This event is not at PS1 *+-+**+-+*

Details at