WiP starts tonight at ICSCC – Tomorrow Noon-11 PM @ PS1

October 14, 2010

Should be a fascinating festival featuring all sorts of people making amazing things. Some of the participants (to name a few): Robert Todd & Lori Felker, Flint Jamison, Hinemoana Baker, Ofir Touche Gafla, Gonzalo Garces, Anja Kampmann, H.M. Naqvi, Senior Center TV, Shapenote Singers, Rawaan Alkhatib, Stephen Crompton, Florina Titz & Craig Webster, Kendra Greene, Chelsea Cox, Chad Hines, India, Angela Stewart, Kit Bryant, Eric Asboe, Allison Welch, Erin Smith, A Literal Letter Service, Tanner Smith, David Dunlap, Joe Bookman, Joh Kirk, Nelle Dunlap & The Wherehouse, Katie Hargrave, Sam Knutson, Victoria Messina, Gillian Adler, Lem Torrevillas, Laurel Fantauzzo, Josh Eklow, D. Jesse Damazo, Hannah Frank, Jacob Blecher, Matthew Klane, Colby Somerville, Naqeeb Stevens, Adam Roberts, Global Express & Maggie Conroy, Wind Farm, Josh Unikel, Dan Faltesek, Sudden Brick Works, Maia Melton, Caleb Gentry, and (finally) Les Dames du Burlesque.

The Daily Iowan talked about it here.


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