Public Space One Gallery openly accepts proposals for monthly exhibitions in its gallery space. All shows enjoy an opening on the first Friday of every month and remain up until the Sunday before the next first Friday (usually about 4 weeks). psONE provides promotion through postcards and press releases as well as food for the opening.

We encourage incoming artists to utilize the space for the duration of the month and to think about the space beyond the opening. As the gallery doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic, the space is primarily visited for events (music, readings, etc.). We support events that realize a more open space, where the gallery and performance side of things can be incorporated, and the uniqueness of our space is made the most of. We are encouraging the people who show in our gallery to hold other events beyond the opening, perhaps a screening, talk, or workshop later in the month to allow the show to have some audience beyond the initial opening.

If you have an idea for our space we welcome written proposals, digital images, or weblinks that explain or demonstrate your idea. There is no formula for application, only vested interest it utilizing the space and making the most of your time at psONE. Please send proposals to:


2 Responses to “Apply”

  1. Hi guys.
    My friend Pete Schulte encouraged me to contact you. Ive been looking at your site, and it looks like you’ve done some cool things. Lot’s of possibilities.
    I’m a Toronto, ON artist interested in doing things in your area (Iowa, IL,MI,etc) as a way of branching out and trying new ideas in different spaces. I’m going to try to put together a proposal for a show and send it to you soon. Hopefully something WEIRD!
    Erin Thurlow

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