For information or questions regarding the gallery email:

For booking of music, theater, literary, ‘other’ events email:


7 Responses to “Contact”

  1. congratulations. don’t lose your mind along the way.

  2. Honors Gallery said

    The Honors Program gallery provides space for student artwork and hosts events to get students involved in art. We’d love to start bringing groups to your events-can we please get on your mailing list? Thanks!

  3. johnE said

    Dear Honors Gallery,

    You are now on our mailing list. Expect an update from us soon, and thanks for your interest.


  4. Alberto said

    It would be appreciated if you acctually answered emails regarding booking of music shows.

    • johnE said

      It should be noted, for the blog record, that we replied not only to this comment immediately, but emailed the commentator regarding the booking of music shows.

  5. Kevin Schroder said

    Please add me to your e-mail list, I would love to participate after I return to IC in mid-January.

  6. Stuart Erb said

    I contacted both of the above e-mailed moments ago, and I’m just really excited to set something up that I thought I’d write a comment about it saying so.

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