We’ve hosted performers like Johanna Kunin, El Olio Wolof, Laura Gibson, U.S. Girls, Unicorn Basement, Tallest Man on Earth, Red Cortez, Calvin Johnson, Woods, Wet Hair, Aids Wolf, Anni Rossi, Denison Witmer, Kitten Forever, Bulbs, Suzannah Johannes, A Paper Cup Band, Frances, The Lonelyhearts, Caleb Engstrom, Crystal Stilts, Caw Caw, Making Movies, Stress Ape, Wave and Particle, Grampall Jookabox, PWRFL Power, Paleo, Birth Rites, Skye Carrasco, Cuticle, Glowing Glass, The Happy Chromosomes, Plague Winds, Coronation, and Monadnoc, as well as a variety of readings and portions of the 2008 Iowa City Documentary Film Festival.

For booking inquiries, contact Daniel: daniel@westonpayne.com





2 Responses to “Music & Other Events”

  1. Ian said

    I’m really disappointed that there’s no show schedule posted here, OR at the link that is labeled as having a schedule. I live out of town, so I can’t exactly swing by and see what’s happening all the time… POST A SCHEDULE! I’d love to support you guys, but it’s extremely difficult for me to do if I can’t tell when I want to come out.

  2. todd said

    Hey Ian — Thanks for the support. We’re working on getting a better way to have our show schedule made public. For the past two years we’ve been using Myspace, but as it seems to grow more outdated and cumbersome, we’re looking for more creative ways to get the word out. Please stay tuned and we’ll get on it. Thanks again!

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