More art, same space

March 10, 2010

This month, in addition to Jill Kambs in the main gallery, we have displaced artist Emily Barwick presenting Stations of Her Undoing in the front room.

There will be a closing Wednesday, March 24th, 6:30-8 pm.

Look for more artists in the same space in the coming months.


In preparation for our upcoming Nashville jaunt, we will hold two supply-gathering, collaboration/planning sessions this week at Public Space One. The first is tomorrow night (Tues @ 7 PM) and the second Thursday night (same place same time). We are collecting ephemera, designing a program, and generally preparing for Open Lot (now 1 week away). Everyone is welcome in any capacity.

March S O U P

March 6, 2010

**** Note: This event is not at Public Space One ****

March 7th, 7PM • 827 E. Market St. #2

Submit a proposal, bring $5, have dinner, vote. More info here.

Jill Kambs’ Exhibition Rhetoric of Love opens at 7 PM Friday, March 5th. The exhibition runs through the month of March. The opening reception will be followed by several activities: 1) at PS1 the Anthology reading series starts at 8:30, and/or 2) at the BS Gallery (220 W. Benton) there is Exoskeleton, an installation by Laura Collins and Natalie Smith. So pick your poison (but remember, it all starts here at PS1).

Come and learn the secrets of worm composting.
Small enough to fit under your sink!

Wednesday, 3 March, 2010
827 E. Market St. #2
***Please note, this F@S session is not at PS1***

If you would like to build your own, please bring two large, plastic bins with lids and some newspaper.

February 25, 2010


(129 E. Washington St.)

A Bike Shirt That Blinks! Electronic Tailoring with Sabine Gruffat & Bill Brown.

Discover the joy of wash and wear electronics as Sabine and Bill show you how to make a bike shirt that blinks. In this workshop, we’ll teach you how to create a basic electrical circuit with cell batteries, switches, conductive thread, and LED’s. By the end, you’ll know how to make a bike shirt with integrated LED directional signals which will be the envy of your friends.

(109 River St.)

Artist talk & open draw with Keith Varadi from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Keith Varadi will kick off this session of Free Art School with a brief artist talk specifically about the role of music in the practice of drawing. This will smoothly transition into a more casual drawing/listening party, playing each others playlists. So please come, listen, hang out, and draw with a painter from another atmosphere. All are welcome. No alcohol please.

We have two sessions of F(a)S this week and a performance by Time Machine.

Here are the logistics:

Wednesday (the 24th): Time Machine Artist Talk @ 3321 Seamans Center (UI campus) @ 6PM

Thursday (the 25th): Time Machine performance @ PS1 @ 8 PM

Friday (the 26th): F(@)S : Bill Brown & Sabine Gruffat (ok, Time Machine) LED T-Shirt Workshop @ PS1 @ 4:30

Also Friday: Keith Varadi Closing Reception @ PS1 @ 6 PM

Saturday (the 27th): F(@)S : Keith Varadi Art Talk & Musical Draw @ GRAD PAINTING STUDIOS (109 River St.) @ 2 PM

Or if you thrive off visual info:

or links: Time Machine or Keith Varadi

Cloak Wheel open now

February 10, 2010

Keith Varadi’s exhibition Cloak Wheel is open now through the end of the month. Gallery hours are Saturday afternoons (2-5PM) and Tuesday evenings (6-8PM), with extended hours coming soon. There will be a closing reception on Friday, February 26th (7PM) with the artist.

PS1 & BS Gallery Tonight

February 5, 2010

Keith Varadi’s Cloak Wheel show opens tonight at PS1 with the reception running from 6-8PM. Afterwards, please continue your evening at the BS Gallery (220 W. Benton St.) where Josh Black and Jesse Weiss are opening their exhibition, Yo Brotha. Also at the BS is Caleb Engstrom’s curated video exhibition, On Snow. Come stand by the fire and wish Caleb well on his new NYC adventure!

Dear readers and possible micro-grantees,

The deadline for this month’s SOUP proposals has been extended to 5PM on Saturday, Feb. 6th (meaning, at the time of this writing, you still have over 32 hours to get your proposal in. And (on that note) perhaps proposal is too formal of a word. Really we just want to know you’re idea, what you could do with a little extra cash, brief is good). These “proposals” can be sent to: Anyone and all are welcome to apply and attend (we have a few soups lined up (vegan/vegetarian/& not options). See here for more details.





Art Talk & Open Draw: February 27th @ 2PM
109 River St. (Grad Painting Studios)

We are in the process of defining what cannot be defined. Free Art School, you say? What is (or how do you do) that? This is your invitation to find out.

Keith Varadi will kick off the initial session of Free Art School with an artist talk and mix-tape, musical draw at the graduate painting studios Saturday, Feb. 27 (2 PM). Come and draw and listen to some tunes with a painter from another atmosphere.

All are welcome. No alcohol please.

Next Friday night Keith Varadi joins us from Richmond, VA to open his month-long exhibit, Cloak Wheel. The opening reception is at 6PM (with a meeting of Like Minds* to happen before hand at 5:30). Following the reception at PS1, please join us on our short excursion over the icy, Iowa River to our sister space, The BS Gallery (220 W. Benton St.). At BS: the opening of an exhibition by Josh Black and Jesse Weiss as well as a video compilation screening curated by Caleb Engstrom titled On Snow (and for good reason). There will be fire and drinks as well. Please join us.

*The meeting of Like Minds is a continuation of the dialogue that started this weekend at ps1 surrounding the local cultural community/economy, the Art Work conversation. It is not really called Like Minds, but I had to call it something if I am to talk about it. But, whatever it’s called, we are gathering forces before the reception, again, please join us.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our two week long, silent auction, super-slasher-after x-mas, post-holiday stress, gallery fundraiser and haitian relief effort. Thanks to: all the artists who donated work (check out their links from the above SUPPORTING ARTISTS (Fundraiser) link), everyone who came, bought work, brought conversation, or (at the very least) helped us compost! Thanks to all those who helped man the gallery during the two weeks of the show, and in the liveliness of last night. We are humbled and grateful.

We are in the process of contacting all the winning bidders. If you bid, but are unsure if you were a winning bidder, we can answer that question for you (email us at: Winning bidders can pick up their artwork from 12 to 4 tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) or make other arrangements. We also have coupons for 40% off a custom frame job if you are interested.

Thanks for supporting us and being here, being involved.

6:00 – Art Work Iowa City: A Conversation about Art and Labor
(in conjunction with The SAAH’s Intermedia department)

7:00 – Silent auction fundraiser closing (Bidding Ends @ 8:30)
9:00 – Arrange Your Face Anthology

For more info see post below.


January 28, 2010


Friday, January 29th, is a big night at Public Space One in downtown Iowa City. Please join us for a multitude of events.

We will begin the evening at 6 PM with a conversation about Art & Labor. This event is open to the public (as all our events are, hence our name) and is the follow-up/culmination of the Temporary Services Art Work show in the Porch Gallery at Studio Arts. We have invited local individuals and organizations to create new dialogues and actions surrounding the current economic and cultural climate. We are gathering forces (if you will) to propel future thought, amass commonalities, and work for a stronger, more sustainable art scene. If you would like to join this conversation and have a say in how artists and cultural thinkers are treated in our city, please come prepared to speak and engage with others. Like I said, this conversation begins at 6 PM and will be driven by you.

At 7 PM we will transition into a more casual atmosphere with the fundraiser closing reception. The fundraiser has been run silent auction style over the past two weeks and thanks to volunteers we have been open daily 4-6 PM (and will continue to be through Friday night (bidding ends at 8:30 PM)). The money raised through the silent auction will go directly towards increasing what we can offer as a gallery and as a working and performance space. Again, let me remind you of our name and extend this invitation: anyone with a little bit of extra time and energy who wants to get involved with PS1 (in any capacity)- well, we would love to hear from you. We are beginning some new events in the next couple weeks and would love more people to join us. Come to the fundraiser, see the community around us, and approach us with your ideas (or send us an email Through this fundraiser (and a recently awarded grant) we have a few resources beyond just our sweat. We hope to make something special and believe that starts with working with creative, energetic folks such as you.

And if that wasn’t enough, at 9PM the Anthology non-fiction reading series continues. It’s the ARRANGE YOUR FACE Anthology featuring:

Jeremy Behreandt
Miles Fuller
A. Kendra Greene
Leslie Jamison
Erika Jo Brown
Janet Schlapkohl
Jenny Zhang

That is just a bit of what’s happening this Friday night at Public Space One. Thank you for your attention, your support, and keeping up with us. And a special thanks to the artists who donated work to support our space and future endeavors.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS & ORGANIZATIONS (links to artists can be found through Fundraiser in header)

Jon Johnson

Christina Quarles

Eileen Starr Moderbacher

Jill Baker

Katherine Parker Bryden

Nicole Donnelly

Patrick Reed

Aurora De Armendi

James Kelly

Andrea Biller Collins

Mary Laube

Debra Drexler

Youngsoon Chon

Sean Alexander

Caleb Engstrom

Katie Hargrave

Kathranne Knight

Christopher Reno

Zach Stenson

Genevieve Lawrence

Mariah Dekkenga

Kim Piotrowski

Travis Head

Douglas Degges

Pete Schulte

Michael Perrone

Gary Webb

Paul White

Katie Parry

R.C. Sayer

Kate Markham

Kristi Sword

Jaanika Peerna

Jon Gurley

Shawn Skabelund

David Horvitz

Guillermo Martin Bermejo

Julie Schafer

Eric Asboe

Jason Renaud

Christian Mortenson

John Engelbrecht

David Dunlap

Lindsey Beal

Dana Haugaard

Allison Welch

A Literal Letter Service

SUDDEN Brick Works

Ben Franklin

Claim to Frame

Bread Garden Market

Item #84 • A Torso

January 27, 2010

donated by Dana Haugaard

Stacked Blue Sky

David Dunlap says, “Please take this if you need this.”

A gallery goer was heard to remark, “well, I am pretty desperate.”

These are hard times we’re living in.

This item up for sale in the PS1 fundraiser was donated by Jason Renaud. It is a drawing that was made from Denver, CO to Iowa City, IA. It is currently in a moment of stasis at position #68 in our silent auction. The winning bidder can simply & easily resurrect the mark-making process (and send it on its way again), or take it home and deem the drawing done…

Tonight we will begin our two week long, silent auction, gallery fundraiser. We received a plethora of work in all shapes and sizes, but a few of those works came with, well, special needs, or at least, seemed to beg for a participatory caretaker. I am going to a highlight a few of those works in the coming weeks.

The first on my agenda is our donation from David Horvitz. David posted this on his tumblr account on September 9th 2009:

Yes, what we received is being auctioned off beginning tonight. Here is just a taste of what this includes:

David Horvitz’s Taxi Driver

We are looking for the perfect bidder and figure that is someone who may have to complete this project (whatever that means).

The gallery is filled (is still filling) with donated artwork from national (a few international) and local artists who have all donated work for the greater good of PS1. This fundraiser is in celebration of one year in our space (one year of art exhibitions that were all put together with volunteer sweat) with the goal of  sustaining the gallery for the year(s) to come. The art we have for sale is reasonably priced and 100% proceeds go directly to the gallery. More significantly: It represents a good cross-section of the artists who have supported us in the past year (both by showing in our space and attending our events); in short, it is artwork to and for ps1 and is of its substance. We are presenting it to you, offering it, in its state of nakedness (striped of frames, matts, and even (gasp) context), by necessity but also by priority. We’ve worked out deals with local frame shops and can offer discounts on sprucing it up (clothing it) after purchase. We hope you can make it to the gallery in the last couple weeks of January (we are increasing our availability and hours and will be open on a daily basis) to check out the work and buy a piece in support of our efforts and our future.

This Friday, December 4th will see the continuation of Iowa City Underground as all three basement galleries are hosting exhibition openings. PS1 will be showing the work of Mariah Dekkenga (image below) beginning at 7:00 and host an anthology reading at 8:30. Arts Iowa City is hosting a group show organized by Katie Parry and The Benton Street Gallery will be welcoming a month of work by Youngsoon Chon. More info soon.

a photo illustration documenting the continued presence of our October O O O Show:The Mona Lisa


Tonight! November 6th at 7pm! Back to the World, an exhibition of new drawings from Sean Alexander opens at psOne! The show will be on display through November but tonight (from 7-9) Sean joins us in introducing his work to the discerning art-going public of Iowa City. Check out the Daily Iowan article here.

This show is the heart of Iowa City Underground (the basement gallery art walk that’s happening this evening, where have you been?) and is really a beautiful thing. But that’s just my opinion. Come check it out for yourself.

Here is the rest of the Underground info:

1st Stop (6-8 pm): 103 E. College St. (basement of old Savings and Loan Bldg): Understanding the Understood: Eric Asboe & John Engelbrecht: multimedia (yeah!) & letter service

2nd Stop (7-9): 129 E. Washington St. (basement of Jefferson Bldg): Back to the World: Sean Alexander: exquisite drawings

3rd stop (9-11): 220 W. Benton St. (basement of Caleb E, Chris R, & Josh Bs): Dia de los Muertos: offerings & celebration

Public Space One is pleased to take part in Iowa City Underground, the November 6th basement art gallery excursion. The evening will kick off at 6PM at Arts Iowa City (102 E. College St) with Understanding the Understood, new configurations of old information by Eric Asboe & John Engelbrecht. At 7PM, some kind of psychic, magic tunnel will open and we will take it to PS1 for Sean Alexander’s, Back to the World, a selection of new drawings from this Washington-(state)-based artist. Around 9 (give or take) the excursion will drift westward into the newly fashioned Benton Street Gallery (The BS Gallery: 220 W. Benton St), where the evenings festivities will climax in a belated celebration of Dia de los Muertos. Hope to see you along the way and as always, more information to follow…

Coming Soon

October 20, 2009

keep on

November looks great… The beginning of the month will bring on an onslaught of north-westerners, beginning with Sean Alexander (from Washington, image above) who will open his month-long exhibition in our space on Nov. 6th. There are a couple reasons I can think of to come check him and his work out: 1. he’s nice & 2. it’s good. His reception on Nov. 6th at psOne will be part of the as yet untitled “basement gallery train” (followed gatherings at Arts Iowa City & The BS Gallery), so plan on a full evening out (more details to come)… and a few short days later Mt. Eerie, Tara Jane O’Neil, and No Kids will play a show in our space ($5, 9pm, Nov. 9th) which promises to be mind-expanding to say the least.

That’s right! It’s time for installment #2 in our M0+# series, this month’s prompt is: Terror (and special admiration will be bestowed upon the teller who comes up with the funniest story related, however remotely, to this theme.) And again, a dollar or two donation, can get you a cold soda and a special M0+# print.

While you’re down in the space check out the gallery. The oO0O0Oo Show rolls on in its ever morphing state and has been a beautiful thing to watch unfold. I will have a slide show of its multiple states up soon. The oO0O0Oo Show welcomes Fulbright scholar and Life of Discovery artist Anne E Wilson who has installed a piece from her series “Flowers not Food” in our space (see below).

Thanks for keeping up with us & hope everyone enjoys the stories tonight!

Anne Wilson installing a piece in psOne from her project "Flowers not Food"

Anne E Wilson installing a piece in psOne from her project "Flowers not Food"