We all struggle to find the money to fund our projects – the frames, the travel expenses, the 2,000 pounds of clay.  We also all have small excess incomes – the daily coffee, the small change at the end of the day, the dinner out.  By combining these small excesses, we can fund projects that need more than that small excess.

Every month we come together to eat, fund an exciting project, and converse about economic sustainability in the arts.

Next Event:

December 5
1020 Church St.

$10 will get you a meal and a vote in the grant-giving process. $5 will go towards the grant; $5 will help offset the cost of the meal.

If you wish to be considered for this month’s SOUP grant, please submit a proposal of no more than 300 words to pspaceone@gmail.com and join us for dinner. Everyone attending will have an equal voice in determining who receives the grant, which will be awarded at the conclusion of the meal.

Information about the inspiration for this idea can be found at http://incubate-chicago.org/sunday-soup/


2 Responses to “S O U P”

  1. Katie Robbins said

    Wow. This is amazing. And the original – what a good idea. I’m only sorry that I didn’t read this until earlier. I am a dance artist and I just love this idea. I will have to try to come to the next one. Do you all get a pretty good turnout, because this sounds like it could be so engaging and FUN. When is the date for that?

    Thanks… for everything.

    • johnE said

      Dear Katie,

      We think this is amazing, although we cannot take credit for it as an original idea. (See http://incubate-chicago.org/sunday-soup/ for that.) Our turnouts are steadily increasing and it should be possible to get 15-20 people at the June SOUP, which will probably be an early Sunday in the month (the 6th, tentatively). It is a good community and it’s fun to fund new projects.


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