The following artists have donated work to the January 2010 gallery fundraiser:

Jill Baker

Kim Piotrowski

Christina Quarles

Patrick Reed

Shawn Skabelund

Genevieve Lawrence

Debra Drexler

Kristi Sword

Andrea Biller Collins

Katherine Parker Bryden

Jason Renaud

Paul White

Eileen Starr Moderbacher

Guillermo Martin Bermejo

Aurora De Armendi

James Kelly

Douglas Degges

Jaanika Peerna

Youngsoon Chon

Nicole Donnelly

Travis Head

David Horvitz

R.C. Sayler

Christopher Reno

Zach Stenson

Kathranne Knight

Jonathan Johnson

Julie Schafer

David Dunlap

A Literal Letter Service

Chris Mortenson

Katie Hargrave

Pete Schulte

Eric Asboe

Mariah Dekkenga

Caleb Engstrom

John Engelbrecht

Sean Alexander

Katie Parry

Gary Webb

Jon Gourley

Mary Laube

Kate Markham

Michael Perrone

Lindsey Beal

Allison Welch

Dana Haugaard

Andy Moeller

Joyce Ho


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